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Doctor Admits KETO is Worst Diet in the world (WARNING: Ninja Level Sarcasm)

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Hi All,


Haven't been posting on a forum for a while, but  read a bit and noticed that there are less activities.   Hmmm...:hmmmm: Doctors are giving better advice lately and people don't need forums all that much?  ;)  Who knows...


Anyway, I'm watching lots of youtube lately and found this doctor Berry, who is proponent of a Keto diet, which in my (uneducated) opinion is stricter version of lchf one.  I like how he explained things in simple terms and his whole demeanor. But this video just made me chuckle a bit and I decided to share is with you.


Oh...goodness, this is how things are here on the forum now? :lol: You try to post a link and it gives you the whole nine yards?  Wow.  I'm impressed!  :rock:


Anyway - enjoy!

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Hi Ela, good to see you again.  I've enjoyed Dr Berry and have watched a number of his videos.  Not seen this one before.  Adore the sarcasm.  :)

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