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My problem is I'm peeing too much and there is an odd smell of my piss. Why kind of diet should I do? Note, I drink a lot of water ranging12-15 glasses a day.

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Hi Franz, welcome to the group.


There are entirely too many possibilities and too little information to really have any idea what is the cause.


It may be directly diabetes related (high BG numbers can cause the body to try to eliminate the excess glucose through urine and usually comes along with high thirst).  From what I understand, it can have an almost sweet scent in this case.  How do your BG numbers run?  Do you test yourself often?


You might have a UTI (urinary tract infection) as it can come with an odd odor.


Are you male or female?  You might be dealing with prostate issues, as can happen in older men.


Various foods can cause unusual odors in urine.  Asparagus will always do that to a friend of mine.


Your best option is to ask your doctor about the issue.  He/she can run some tests to help determine the cause and come up with a treatment plan if one is necessary.

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