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Steroid Induced Diabetes - Autoimmune Hepatitis

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I have Autoimmune Hepatitis that was caused by a severe allergic reaction to sulfa antibiotics. I was on prednisone for over 2 years and developed uncontrolled diabetes. I am on the waitlist for a liver transplant. My condition is rare and when I get treatment for diabetes, I feel that there is not much information about how my liver disease affects how my body handles insulin and I am over or under medicated because it depends on how my liver processes the insulin. 

I am seeking anyone here who might be dealing with a similar situation with liver disease and diabetes. I am frustrated and I cannot find any useful information. Any advice would be so appreciated.

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Hi @kitkat7, welcome to the group.


You're not as alone as you think you are.  Most doctors have no clue how to deal with diabetes of any type and it was only by ignoring their advice that I was able to get control of this condition.


Carbohydrates are the biggest factor in glucose control.  Our bodies turn carbs directly and easily into glucose.  The more you eat the higher your numbers will go and the more insulin you will need.  Cutting down on them will reduce the amount insulin you need and thus should reduce the affect your liver can have on the subject.  It also reduces the amount of potential error in dosing insulin.  I highly recommend you look into it further.  I personally went keto about 2 months after I was diagnosed.  I was fighting to keep myself under 200 and around 150.  I was down to around 800-900 calories a day and still my numbers wouldn't come down.  Ignoring their dietary advice to eat lots of whole grains and fruits (I now focus on vegetables, no starches), meats, dairy, and the like.  It was after that change that my numbers went down to normal or at least very close to normal.


I don't have much knowledge in the subject of hepatitis so I can't comment directly on the type of affect it can have.  Please feel free to post more on the subject.  I am always eager to learn more and your struggles while you figure things out may help others who might find themselves in your shoes.

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