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Which AA Battery for 670g

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I have been using the 670g for about 3 months. I had Energizer AA’s and I think I’m getting 2 weeks from each battery. Hard to tell with the 670g’s history list. I’m going to have to put it in my phones calendar when I change the battery to more easily monitor how long they last. Anyone try Lithium AA’s? Curious if anyone has checked Energizer vs Duracell vs Lithium in the 670G?

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I have been tracking Energizers and Duracells for a few months. Depending on how often i check my  readings and check histories, they both last, for me, between 9 days and 12 days. The average is probably 11 days. Neither seems to have an advantage over the other. I will have to try lithium now and see what the difference is and wheather there is a cost advantage. I buy a 40 pack of Duracells at Costco for about $15 which is about 38 cents per battery, which is about 3.4 cents per day.. 



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The thing about batteries and longevity, other than their technology, is price verses how long they'll last. I'm sure they've got it figured out that your going to pay for that longevity, regardless. The only other factor I see here is how often you're willing to change out the batteries. Example:


AA battery:                  $2...lasts 5 days

AA Alkaline battery:   $4...lasts 10 days

AA Lithium battery:    $6...lasts 15 days

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