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Hi.. my name is Sabrina. I’m 22 years old and was first diagnosed with gestational diabetes when I was 16. It remained a hidden, silent killer of me after my pregnancy. I went on little dr visits for myself.. and appeared to be fine so the drs said I was a okay.  anyways about a year and a half-ish a go I was diagnosed full fledged diabetic with an A1C of 8.3.... I IMMEDIATELY pushed myself to lose weight and lower my A1C.. six months after my diagnosis id lost 20 pounds and my A1C was a 5.1. perfectly normal... or so you’d think...

it’s been around a year since then... and ever since I’ve STILL have difficulties with low sugar. And it’s way too often. I do take care of my self. Still exercise and eat right. (Maybe not all the time but I do why I can)

anyways these low sugar attacks are what really kills me now....

even an hour after I eat a full dinner plate... my sugar just drops sometimes.... it’s not every night but atleast twice a month.... seriously this shoot makes me hate myself. I hate how low sugar makes me feel. I hate that I lash out at my loved ones.. I hate that I can’t control my own body to stop shaking... I hate that I have to force myself to eat.... I hate puking. I hate crying so hard it gives me a headache for three days... I literally hate everything about being diabetic... SPECIALLY after I put in SO MUCH I MEAN SO MUCH HARD WORK to lose weight and lower my A1C.... I’ve felt this way for a long time and have tried communicating to my friends and family how I really feel.... but no one understands.... everyone thinks it’ll just get better one day... and what really suck is I know the reality that this won’t ever get better... and it will literally consume me and my life until I die... I’m sorry I’m getting kind of dark here... but it’s how I really feel. And I can’t say it to anyone else or they think I’m crazy.... I’m tired of feeling so helpless and alone... and I see hardly anyone posts on here anymore... but man if even just one person could help me out..... you have no idea how much it would mean to me...

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