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Hi.. my name is Sabrina. I’m 22 years old and was first diagnosed with gestational diabetes when I was 16. It remained a hidden, silent killer of me after my pregnancy. I went on little dr visits for myself.. and appeared to be fine so the drs said I was a okay.  anyways about a year and a half-ish a go I was diagnosed full fledged diabetic with an A1C of 8.3.... I IMMEDIATELY pushed myself to lose weight and lower my A1C.. six months after my diagnosis id lost 20 pounds and my A1C was a 5.1. perfectly normal... or so you’d think...

it’s been around a year since then... and ever since I’ve STILL have difficulties with low sugar. And it’s way too often. I do take care of my self. Still exercise and eat right. (Maybe not all the time but I do why I can)

anyways these low sugar attacks are what really kills me now....

even an hour after I eat a full dinner plate... my sugar just drops sometimes.... it’s not every night but atleast twice a month.... seriously this shoot makes me hate myself. I hate how low sugar makes me feel. I hate that I lash out at my loved ones.. I hate that I can’t control my own body to stop shaking... I hate that I have to force myself to eat.... I hate puking. I hate crying so hard it gives me a headache for three days... I literally hate everything about being diabetic... SPECIALLY after I put in SO MUCH I MEAN SO MUCH HARD WORK to lose weight and lower my A1C.... I’ve felt this way for a long time and have tried communicating to my friends and family how I really feel.... but no one understands.... everyone thinks it’ll just get better one day... and what really suck is I know the reality that this won’t ever get better... and it will literally consume me and my life until I die... I’m sorry I’m getting kind of dark here... but it’s how I really feel. And I can’t say it to anyone else or they think I’m crazy.... I’m tired of feeling so helpless and alone... and I see hardly anyone posts on here anymore... but man if even just one person could help me out..... you have no idea how much it would mean to me...

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Sabrina, being diagnosed with diabetes so young is massively challenging and isolating. It's hard enough having diabetes at any age. T2s are blamed for it on top of that which doesn't help. It's natural and common for diabetics to develop depression and feel helpless, because it's a chronic illness and the management isn't always easy. But the good thing is we have a lot of control. Your meter is your friend. Keto/Low carb diets and even moderate exercise makes a huge difference. This is how most people, even non diabetics, should be living. Of course we have to be much  more vigilant but having diabetes today is much easier than it was even twenty years back. You have brought your A1C down to 5.1, which is fantastic. I congratulate you on that success and better lifestyle habits. That said, I won't try to rationalize how hard it is to live with an illness like diabetes for the rest of your life when you're only 22. The stress is very real and the worries are also valid. I read a lot about this and learnt that even those who develop diabetes young (look at all the type 1s) can do very well and avoid complications, even be healthier than some non diabetics, by keeping BG in good control (which is to say an A1C in the low 5s ideally but no higher than 6). I know it doesn't feel like it right now, but you are not helpless. You are not alone. We're here for you. So many of us are successfully managing this disease. heck you yourself are doing so well. I am 30, so older than you bit still a younger T2D. I am proud of you and your openness. Thank you for sharing your struggles with us. I empathize, as do other members.


Are you on insulin by any chance? If so, I can't offer advice as I have no experience with that. When you have these lows, do you check your BG to confirm it's low? I have heard of false hypos as well. I ask because t2ds do not get low unless on insulin or certain types of medications. Which meds are you on? Have you discussed this with your GP? I suggest you do.


If you have reactive hypoglycemia, it's best to eat small frequent high protein meals that are low in carb. That's probably similar to how you're eating since your A1C is good. I am not sure what other advice to give about the hypos. I hope more experienced members will respond when they're able.


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Please dont think  members here overlooked the OP's plight in not replying to this old post.  It is a duplicate post &  the other received many replies.


Perhaps we could ask a mod to delete the duplicate posts?

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