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Keto Chocolate Chia Pudding Breakfast Bowl

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I didn't make it exactly like this lady, but did something very similar.  Had to admit that I don't eat stuff like that for breakfast, I'm more like bacon and egg girl, but for me it's a nice dessert.  The best part - it's REALLY EASY! :)


Oh, and btw - did you notice "keto" is in style now!?  And 'keto" basically is strict low carb diet!  Finally! Hooray! :congrats:  Well, maybe we'd be able call our diet as  "normal" people? ...  ...I mean, like those who eat low fat, low calories and all that?  and we could now finally just say (with a smart face) that we are on "keto"  and won't be laughed out of town?    

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