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Kit's Anti Pasta Salad

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I realized that I have never really posted this recipe, so thought I may as well do so.


This recipe is infinitely quick and easy and very tasty.  Its a mash up between a caprese salad and ideas of a pasta salad, only using zucchini noodles instead of pasta and honestly it can be varied depending on what you have on hand and what sounds good to you.



Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

Cherry tomatoes

Pesto to dress


I cut the tomatoes in half and the cheese into bite sized pieces.



Prosciutto (cut into thin strips)

Bell Peppers

Onion/green onion/shallots/etc

Pine Nuts (for a stronger base flavor and a little extra crunch)

Parmesan cheese


The salt in the cheese in the pesto is enough to make this watery if left sitting, so I don't recommend adding the pesto until close to serving time.

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