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Glucose down to 130. Should I decrease insulin dose?

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If you are going low, you should decrease insulin. Also if you plan to exercise much more than usual. But if everything else is the same and you are not going low, you are getting that 130 because of the insulin. Less insulin will most likely mean higher blood sugars. Check with your doctor

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Personally, I wouldn't be happy with a fasting glucose of 130, but that's a personal preference, so you have to decide what you want your fasting glucose levels to be.  I want mine to be in the upper 60's to the upper 70's, but a lot of people get false hypos when they go that low.  Since the standard used to determine if you are low, is anything below 70, that means that 70's or 80's is okay.  Keep in mind that if you are at 130 now, and you rapidly drop down to the 70's or 80's, you'll get those false hypos.  A false hypo feels exactly like a real hypo, only a false hypo won't hurt you.  It's best to lower your BG levels slowly so as to avoid a false hypo.


What type of insulin are you taking?

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