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T2 remission

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T2 remission


Been a while since I posted...


Looks like the DS surgery has driven my T2 diabetes into remission. 
First diagnosed in 2007... It has been 12 years of struggle with T2. In December of 2017, my morning FBG was around 180, and I was taking 4meds (metformin, trulicuty, farxiga, and glyburide), My A1C was  ~7.1%. That's when I had enough and found the local bariatric center of excellence to find out who would do the surgery that would help


I now wake up with a FBG of ~100, and my A1C is 4.8%


I dropped the farxiga and glyburide after the VSG. I dropped the trulicity after the DS, and reduced the metformin. Now 3 months post DS I can drop the metformin. 


After the VSG, my A1C was ~ 6.1%, good but not great. That's in the pre-diabetes range, I wanted normal, something below 5% and no meds.


Remission of T2 was my goal. If the VSG alone worked, I would have been happy. After a year I went for the DS to administer the coup de grace to T2. 


Here are the lab results for  my A1C

8/1/19       4.8%
6/19/19.     5.6%
2/7/19.       5.9%
6/13/18     6.2%
12/7/17      7.1%


Here are my  surgery dates

5/1/19      DS 
5/1/18.     Vsg surgery

The studies say DS drives T2 into remission for 95% to 98% of patients. I have an old , well informed, poster  named Jillybean for the first clue about DS.


You can read some of her posts here






And here (she is the well informed deactivated member from Woodbridge VA that references the scholarly studies)




I have not seen her posts for years. Thank you Jillybean, wherever you are, for the clue.

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