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Anyone diagnosed when they were a teen?

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Hello, I come from a large family with most of us being Diabetic while in our youth. I was diagnosed with Type 2 at the age of 16. I am now 45 years old, on oral meds this entire time, and lucky to not have any complications. When pregnant with my 2 kids, I did have to switch over to insulin only but went back to pills after they were born. My A1c's are not stellar, but they are always between 6.6-7.2, with the exception of pregnancy where I was in the lower to mid-5. I attribute that lower number more to strict carb counting than the insulin usage. For a while, I kept having bouts of lows and highs. I was pretty sure that insulin was the next step. Instead I split my doses of Metformin & glipizide to 4 times a day rather than twice a day. It did the trick. 

I worry about being on meds so long. Next year will be my 30th year using meds to treat T2D and that can't be good for the body. When I meet a new Doctor, they always remind me that most people get put on insulin 5 or 10 years in. They are hesitant to do that since my pancreas still works. Not that I want to go on insulin, I just worry about the impact this has on my liver/kidney's.

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