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Hello - I just signed up for this forum.  I am a Type 2 since 1984.  I am 73 years young and have a number of health issues mainly low vision but not due to diabetes.  Histoplasmosis caused my macular scarring and many subretinal neovascular membranes which at that time were treated with laser photocoagulation left me with blind spots in both eyes.  


I have been an insulin user for nearly nine years - first with a single daily Lantus injection, but after my primary care physician could not get my A1c below 8+, he referred me to the Bull Family Diabetes Center in Dayton, OH.  Since under the care of that physician, I have added premeal Novolog,  and my A1C has been consistently under 6.9.  


I joined this forum to find out what the experiences others with this condition are having.


Have a great day and Go Bucks!

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Congrats in getting your A1c down and I hope life becomes easier on you.

Theres T2 members here that have great success with insulin and two that I recall have had vision issues.

I hope they will be able to share experiences with  you while you can inspire others to persist in finding the right treatment.


Welcome to the forum and I hope you become a regular poster.



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Welcome!  Look around and jump into any topics that catch your interest.  Hopefully, you will join us on a regular basis. ~ Mike

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