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CGM and other options

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I recently was loaned a CGM with enough sensors for a month. I believe you can extend the life of the sensors and I intend to try because although we will try to get funding for a CGM, I do not qualify by the usual criteria and I cannot afford the monthly supplies. I had tremendous frustration getting the CGM to work properly, but today it worked well and already I know I need one. I have had severe hypoglycaemia since starting a low carb diet and have some hypoglycaemic unawareness which is something I have struggled with in the past too. I am on half the insulin I have been on previously and am still going low (it is actually 27% of the insulin I was on when I was at my greatest dose) a couple of times a day.


If I cannot get a CGM when the loan expires, then I may try Freestyle Libre - I have an appointment to test these out on Thursday - can I wear a CGM and a Libre at the same time? I am travelling overseas and with the severe lows things got organised a bit chaotically which is how I now have the chance to have both technologies at once. My main concern is that it is the nights that need monitoring and the Libre cannot do this for me. Are there any other options that are cost effective for almost continuous glucose monitoring?


Are there any other options and does anyone know what a good letter for getting subsidising of the CGM would contain - I am a single parent living either alone or with my children, my children had to call the ambulance for the last severe hypoglycaemic episode and this has scared them quite badly, I do not qualify for a healthcare card, anything else that might make them feel sympathetic? 

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