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Red meat goes back on the table

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There's been a huge, huge red meat diet in Africa for hundreds of thousands of years...with no bad effects other than being the one eaten.


What the humans eat...I have no idea! :)

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dowling gram

Think about this-- The main food of Indigenous people was meat from the animals they killed mixed with a few berries and roots and things they'd scavenge from the earth. Yet they lived well without the diseases and grain based alcohol Europeans brought to the new world.


I don't believe any of these so called studies. In my opinion all natural food is good as long as it's eaten in moderation. It's the prepared food and additives that will kill you

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Similar to the hyperinsulinemia thread I've been posting in, I suspect the whole cholesterol issue is a symptom, but the disease in of itself.


I agree, one of the healthiest things we can do is limit our reliance on and consumption of processed foods.

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I have always thought that eating red meat didn't harm you at all, so I never stopped eating it.  I don't believe researchers when they say that a certain food item is bad.  Remember when they said that cyclamates, which were contained in artificial sweeteners,  caused cancer in mice?  Years after they banned cyclamates, it was found that, the amount of cyclamates that they fed to the mice, would be the amount that a person would ingest if they drank 150, twelve ounce diet sodas every day, for at least 20 years, then they MIGHT get cancer.


Remember when they said that butter was bad for you, so you should switch to margarine, then, years later, they said that butter was good for you and margarine was bad for you?


In the late 1800's and early 1900's, if you had problems with nervousness or stress, doctors recommended that you should start smoking cigarettes to calm your nerves and reduce your stress.  We all know how that worked out.


For those of us who are on a LC/HF diet, the researchers tell us that we need to eat less fat to maintain good health, and we all know first hand that that is also BS.


I think that a lot of these so called researchers, really don't know what they are doing.  They think that they know, but after closer scrutiny, it seems that they don't.  It reminds me of something that a college professor told me.  He said that a young scientist ran into an older scientist's lab, all excited, and bragged to the older scientist, "I've just developed an acid that will eat through ANYTHING!"  The older scientist said, "That's great!  What are you keeping it in?"☺️

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