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Tracy G

extreem spike in BG post exercise

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Tracy G

i have been working on getting my BG under control after several months of neglect. 

After many years of tight control my A1c was 5.1 for almost 3 years without meds. 

i checked my sugar levels and i was 450 and climbing.  when i went the ER i was 608. 


so i am currently working on getting those numbers under control.  resumed a better low carb diet, and long and slow acting insulin shots. 

my BG this moring was 218 fasting, and 230 prebreakfast. 

post breakfast i was 240, and decided i needed to get some exercise going again to help lower and stabalize my BG. 

Post tredmill (20 min brisk walk) i was 220, jumped in the shower and i was 470. 

i topped out somewhere over 500, but my libre only says high when i get over that. 


so now i am almost 2 hours post exercise.  my BG is at 482 and i have 8 units of novolog about 45 min ago. 


just very supprised that i have spiked up so high, and not seen a drop in my BG this long after exercise. 


my first thought was that my liver just dumped a lot of glucose into my system.  i would have expected it to start dropping by now. 


have you all had any issues with a large spike post exercise. 



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