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Aussie Bites

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Does anyone have a friendly diabetic version of the Aussie Bites that are sold at Costco?  I found a copy-cat recipe but it included 1/4 c honey and 1/4 c agave nector.

I do not know if the honey is for the sweetness or for holding the bites together?  Also another recipe called for 1 egg white, which might also help hold the bites together.  Any suggestions?


I just got almond flour and coconut flour, quinoa and flaxseed meal addred to my pantry, so I am ready to expand and experiment.

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dowling gram

Honey and agave nectar are both as sweet as sugar and high in carbohydrates but may add a different taste than sweeteners. I don't think they will help hold things together.


As an example I make ginger cookies and I do add a bit of molasses for taste but my recipe makes 30 cookies so each one has very little molasses. I also add 1 teaspoon of xanthum gum to hold my cookies together.  Use this sparingly and my recipe as a guage for the amount divided by the quantity it makes. Add The Xanthum gum to the dry ingredients and stir in. Added to wet ingredients it tends to clump unless sprinkled on and stirred in immediately.


I would use whatever sweetener you use with maybe a teaspoon or tablespoon of honey for taste and Xanthum gum to hold them together

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