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Does the punishment fit the crime?

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“Through diverse, inclusive and durable collaborations, we work to advance knowledge of crime and criminal justice, to champion evidenced and just policy and practice, and to support good legislation”, having read all that kak, I do not think legislation works on our streets today.


Are we very confused about crime and punishment, especially the purpose of the latter? Or, at least I am.


Does catching a prolific serial killer at a crime scene, would you say it’s the right thing to bring the perpetrator in to face a criminal justice procedure, to attest his/her constitutional right. Or with all the evidence stack up against him/her, should the law enforcing officer be justified to end that life, at the crime scene or bring the person into face justice?


That said, why the cost of keeping a locked-up perpetrator seems insignificant to most countries government, once the Taxpayers fit the bill for keeping that person in a secure unit or (In jail)?

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