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Charcuterie board

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A charcuterie board is an excellent for parties, get togethers, as well as a simple afternoon lunch for two curled up cozy on a cold day.


I made one for myself and Mr Fuzzy for lunch.  Sorry, I didn't think about pictures until we had already eaten most of it.


There was


Genoa Salami

Kerrygold Skellig (best cheddar I have ever eaten)

Goat cheese

kalamata olives (another attempt at developing a taste for them)

Mushrooms marinated in olive oil and garlic

Tomato chutney (ala Headbanger's Kitchen)


Sliced cucumber

Mixed nuts (Almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, brasil nuts, filberts - Mr Fuzzy picks out the cashews because he loves them).

Flackers (for me)

Regular crackers for Mr Fuzzy.

Spicy Mustard


There can be so much variation depending on how you feel and its so easy to put together.  The only cooking I had to do was the tomato chutney, and that went quick.


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Oh I forgot to mention.  You really want a variation of flavors.  Savory, salty, spicy, and sweet.


My sweet was the tomato chutney, but you can also go for fresh berries, dried fruits, I used to love doing fresh sliced pears or apples.  The spicy was the Sopressata.


Wines and beers go excellent with a meal like this.

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