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Is this for real Metformin can cause cancer?

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Would be the first I had heard of this. 


Couple things that stand out to me. 


The Sun is basically a tabloid that loves to run sensational stories. 


Second, there are no referencea, no links to studies, no information at all you can use to verify the information they give. 


Given that T2 diabetes is so common in the world now and keeps getting more and more common, and metformin is basically the front line treatment, the article is designed to get people worked up and upset. 


I've spent about 10 minutes doing searches on the subject and can't find any hits that don't come from questionable sources. Granted that was not a detailed search, but it doesn't look good for the veracity of the article. 

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There are some doctors into longevity that believe Metformin is a key medication.  A dermatologist I have seen for mohs surgery, Dr. Ronald Moy, is into this.  We had quite a discussion about diabetes and other metabolic disorders during a procedure.  He uses metformin after finding he was pre diabetic.  There are some interesting studies in off label use of Metformin.  

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dowling gram

I think they've put forth false facts for sensationalism. Metforman is a drug that's been around for a long long time and they have done plenty of studies on it. Some studies claimed it prevents certain cancers. I'm sure if it did cause cancer they would have found out ages ago.


The last time I heard Metforman and cancer mentioned was in the National Cancer Institute's studies. They are doing studies and trails with metforman plus chimo. They found that giving certain cancer patients Metforman with Chimo enhances the effect of the chimo.



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The FDA is investigating if there are levels of a carcinogen getting into Metformin during the manufacture and packaging process, not from Metformin itself, and as of now the FDA has found only trace to none levels in foreign manufactured sources well below dangerous levels so they recommend to keep taking your Metformin and will order recalls only if they find levels higher than recommended--the same carcinogen exists in water and many food items at trace levels. It's another one of those things where you'd have to have dangerous levels every day for 70+ years to raise your cancer risk level.



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