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Glyn Denison

670 Medtronic pump sensors

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Glyn Denison

I was on the Animas pump with Dexcom sensors for 5 years and found them great - no problems even though I have become insensitive to low sugars. But Animas is no longer supported in Australia so I had to move on.


I have had the Medtronic 670 pump for two months. The pump is fine with Automode a great advancement for night times in particular. But the sensors are real dogs. I would go back to Dexcom tomorrow except they won't work with the 670 on automode.


The transmitter is not physically attached to the sensor like the Dexcom is. It relies on tape to hold it in position. And the tape tends to relax after a few days and if you sweat or if you are surfing (which I do daily) the tape just comes off and the sensor stop working. I don't get more than two to three days out of a sensor whereas the Dexcom I would get up to 15 days. The Dexcom has just one adhesive which works brilliantly and the Transmitter clicks into the sensor as a whole, not just the connector. This is a real shortcoming of the 670.


Does anyone know if a really strong adhesive can be obtained which might hold the transmitter in place under adverse conditions (swirling water etc).


If I was going again, I would not go with the 670 on balance because of the brittleness of the sensor which only lasts around 7 days anyway. I would go the Slim + Dexcom.



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