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2020 Morning FBG readings

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4.8 then went into shock as thats the lowest fbg Ive had in 13 years..

Retested hoping  to help reduce my average... 2nd test was back up to 7.


I guess I should't have  jumped so high for joy.


Mike.. yay a double rainbow... two pots of gold somewhere.

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Hi guys, hope you're doing well in these crazy times!


some news from me: got my 2 year diabeversary A1C results.


5.3 - highest A1C i have had in 2 years since diagnosis. i am very grateful because i did suspect it'd be a bit higher? closer to 5.6. i was down with covid for over a month, and before i had symptoms, my fasting and pp numbers were above, like a good 3 weeks in advance. no matte rhow low i went with the carbs, my fasting was always higher than 6, closer to 6.7/120. post prandial numbers were closer to 7 2 hours pp, after lunch where i have about 25ish grams of total carbs and tended to be at 6 and below and at most low 6s.  my dinner is barely 5 grams of total carbs, so i didn't check very often, but the numbers were still 6ish instead of low 5s.


anyway, for nearly two out of three months, my numbers were higher than the strict control i try to keep. My A1C goal tends to be 5 and below. So I am a bit annoyed by this. Strangely, I still get higher than usual numbers on and off even now. Like today I had a low carb lunch (my usual so I know what the numbers should be) at 1, and at 5 pm my numbers were 6.1/110? instead of being in the low fives. So I am like okay...I don't know what else to do.


I'll just wait until my body is completely normal, and I am not seeing these weird unexpected, albeit very minor, discrepancies. The A1C does reflect them, so these things do matter long term.


I do have a lot to be grateful for, starting with surviving the health crises of last year and now Covid. Typing all that helped me see even this 5.3 gives me a lot to be thankful for.


The covid thing also messed with my exercise schedule, but I've had A1Cs in the 4s even when I was too sick to exercise last year. So, that probably wasn't the biggest factor. I still have gotten back to working out regularly for the various other benefits and am hoping by next A1C check, I'll be down to 5 and possibly below :). I've also put on 10 pounds. Damn quarantine LOL.


i spot check my fasting BG every few days but not every day.



some good news on the brain front, my MRIs in the past two years haven't shown any new white matter lesions except in the spine (2 small ones). so I am being watched for MS, but so far so good. :) turned 32 this year, and sometimes this whole diabetes things gets me weary. i will just keep taking it one day at a time.


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Another rainy November Monday.  I hope this week is better than last week.  All the election turmoil.  My Georgia Bulldogs got beat good by the Florida Gators.  But on a very bright note for me, my boy Chase Elliott won the 2020 Nascar Cup Championship at just 24 years old.  I couldn't be happier about that!  And I got to see him win in person back in August.

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146 today after 6 days without test strips, a bit higher from my usual 126 which shows testing helps to stay on track and avoid temptations. I blame cup of cream of chicken soup last night (rice). Cold front is on the way after wonderful Indian Summer weekend, we need rain and there might even be snow on Tuesday. All garden work is over for now, my no-dig bed laid out, edged and topped with 22 bags of compost. All i have to do in Spring is slit open those bags and plant flowers and veggies :)  

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