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Taking insulin and meds out of the country

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Not sure where to post this question so I'll start here.  I've never traveled abroad but got my first passport last year and want to start making some trips.  I have a friend in Belgium so I was thinking that would make a good first trip.  Can anyone tell me about taking insulin and oral meds and needles abroad?  I've read that you should keep it all in your carry-on (duh) and you should take enough meds for two weeks longer than you plan to stay, which would mean 3 or 4 weeks worth for me.  I also read you should contact the US embassy in the country you're travelling to to make sure there are no restrictions?  I don't think I'd need to worry about keeping my pens refrigerated for less than 30 days.  One site I read said to take a copy of your prescriptions and a letter from your doctor saying why you need these meds?  Is that necessary?

Thoughts?  Advice?

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