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My right eye is enrolled in an experimental drug trial

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Hello DF.  Returning here after a long absence.  I have a new story to share - thinking some here might benefit from hearing about it.


So 13 years after T2 Dx, diabetes is starting to have its way with me.  One morning last year, I noticed a strange distortion with my right eye.  When I looked at things that I know are straight lines - I see a pronounced bending on the left toward center-vision.  I was overdue for my first return visit to optho so I went to see what the man had to say about it.


"DME" he says.  I'm referring you to a guy who's really good at injecting meds into your eye.  Both docs decide that I may be a good candidate for an experimental anti-VEGF drug trial.  I had more screening and indeed qualified.  I elected to play along so seven months ago my right eye was enrolled in the YOSEMITE study.  I ended up the only participant in Vermont.  Enrollment has now ended for this particular study.


The deal is that I get 2 years of monthly injections of "the study drug" into my right eye, and as a bonus - free treatment of my left eye with Eylea (FDA approved Anti-VEGF 'standard of care' @ $2k per monthly dose).  I get lots and lots of scans and acuity testing each visit.  It takes just over 1/2 day on average for which they also pay me a modest stipend for my time.  Finally, limo service to and from.


I'll get into more details here as things progress and happily answer questions that any of you have about this.

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Wow.. what an experience!


I appreciate you telling the story so we know what could be around the corner for us , but also treatments available one day.

They will certainly take care of you as thats a huge investment.

Looking forward to your follow up posts.


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Hi Evermont, good luck with the study and I hope you get good results.


I am curious to hear how it goes.

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