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My A1c was 14 now its 11.6

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I have been a type 1 diabetic for seventeen years now which means I got it at 4 years old. My parents would get grilled about not taking better care of me until when I turn 13 and went to a diabetic doctor that told me it wasn't their fault but my own. I have been in denial about the risk that could happen from not taking care of my diabetes. I was finally affected by DKA on May 26, 2018. My sugar went from being good to unbelievable that I am still alive reason why I say that is yes I was sick and didn’t want to put a new omi pod on but it cost me when my sugar went to 1550. I was rush to the hospital where I live but due to not being able to take care of me they had to transfer me to a better one which that ambulance might I point out did not care to get me there as fast as they could but the one where I lived rush me as fast as they could to my hometown hospital anyways I spent three days at the better hospital being miserable. Finally, on the third day I had to prove I could go live in modern society by rushing on a treadmill. Then afterwards I went back home, and my parents and I knew we had to change the system I was on. I went to Medtronic which I am still on it and I love it! but then in December 2018 I tried to committed suicide by taking it off and not caring about putting anything on I was at a low place in life and thought it would be better to give up. After being bought back to life again I was told to go to rehab by my parents which I did indeed do, and it was very beneficial for me and my mental health. Now I am going to therapy and doing a lot better taking the right medications trying to take better care of myself and not end up going into DKA again which you can imagine how well that went with my diabetes doctor. Anyways the main point of this is that I am trying to lower my A1C to 7 and if anyone who is or knows someone or is in the health or nutrition field knows a way to get it lowered I would love to hear about it. 

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You have had such a traumatic journey and all because the diabetes was the villain. 

Uncontrolled diabetes not only  wrecks our bodies but it plays with our mind also.

I remember making bad choices & that damned brain fog when my A1c was high, but it was never as high as yours, so you mustve felt crap.



I'm so glad that you are planning on coming to this side of life  by getting that A1c down.

Hey.. give us a chance  to advise you on food choices & we will get that A1c below 7.


We are unable to accept carbs as a food choice but thats OK as we still eat well. 

Processed foods are full of carbs which is also very  addictive . 

Can you cook or learn to? 

Meat, fish, eggs,cheese, leafy green veges, mushrooms , nuts are all  suitable for us. 

Use them as meals or snacks.


Instead of crisps, make cheese crisps in a minute in the microwave.

On baking paper place 1 dsp heaps of grated parmesan cheese  & m'wave on his for about 1 min.

When cool they will be crisp & delicious.


Boil a few eggs to have handy for when you get the munchies.


It wont be long & you will be enjoying a great life.



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Thank you for sharing.  The key to getting that A1c down is likely to try and eliminate all the simple carbs from your diet.  It can be done.  You will also likely find that you might not need to use as much insulin and you will have better control over things when you are not swinging wildly.


You are moving in the right direction!


I believe "Think Like a Pancreas" might be a good start.


Diabetes won't stop you from anything.  Many of us here live perfectly normal lives.  We participate in all the wonderful activities life has to offer.  It would be an honor, sir, to help you as much as we can. ~ Mike

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Another book that might be helpful to you is Dr. Bernstein's Book "The Diabetes Solution" Like you he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in childhood. The last I heard he was in his 80's and had lived a full life. His only  solution to live that long without Diabetes complications was to ditch the carbs which he did and lived a full life.


It might help to know that diabetics are not the only ones who have dietary restrictions. There are many conditions that restrict certain foods. The thing is to realize what can happen if you don't follow those restrictions and accept your limitations. There are many ways to enjoy food you love but in a different form with different ingredients. You just have to find them and you have to learn how to cook because prepared food is full of hidden carbs. You might look at the keto diet. It is very similar to the diet we follow but we don't call it a diet. We call it a lifestyle change.  The secret is to find a regime you can follow for your lifetime


It is a journey that takes time and research but it is well worth taking. This site can help you get on the right track and support you in your journey. Check back often, ask questions or just gripe. We are here to support you and someone is sure to answer

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