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Insulin and Metformin help needed

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Hello, I am trying to get some control on my bg after a year of no meds. I was taking insulin last year and gained 25 pounds and had zero bg control. I pretty much gave up. The pancreas stimulating meds had stopped working for me. I ended up losing 40 pounds over the past year and did not monitor what I ate. Recently, I started feeling ill and checked my bg - it was 587 ! I bought some novolin n and r and started eating lc. I also contacted a teledoc and got a prescription for metformin er. I still struggle with staying under 200.  My goal is to get my bg down to reasonable levels while I increase my metformin dosage. Even the met r gives me diarrhea so I take small amounts for several days to work my way up. Right now I can take 500 mg per day with no problem. So tomorrow I will up that to 750 mg, and if all goes well, I will go to 1000 mg and so on.


Right now I take 50 units of n in the am and 5 units of r with each meal. Then I take 30 units of n at night. The past few days my bg has dropped around 1 pm and I find myself jittery. I have sabotaged myself by having some sugar to counteract. Can anyone offer suggestions as to why the crash ? How should I manage the feelings and cravings during that time ? Thanks for your help.



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Someone that uses insulin will see this and help, I am sure.  The only advice I can offer is to take it one day at a time.  It will take a little time to get numbers down.  Diet and exercise can help greatly.  Even if you have to continue using insulin, limiting carbs can help reduce the amount needed and also reduce highs and lows.


Keep in touch.  We are here to help each other out. ~ Mike

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