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Acid reflux and bg

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Hello, first time poster. I have a quick question, did a search and couldn't find an answer...on a number of forums.


Anyway, I have a few medical conditions, and I had acid reflux my entire life. I usually take h2 blockers like Pepcid, tagamet, etc, but the ppis (24 hour acid reducers) work tons better.


My question is why do I have elevated blood sugars on ppis? I figure that ppis cause food to digest slower, so you'll get bs spikes later.


I'm assuming excess stomach acid feeds arthritis? I have terrible arthritis and I feel much better taking a ppi like Nexium, omeprazole, etc.

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Hi, welcome to our forum.

I've not heard of your issue before  but I believe your answer might be with the pharmacist.

Ive found these folk know more about drugs & the side effects then doctors, including my much loved  Dr.Google

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