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foot pain and diabetes

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If you have high blood glucose for a long time it damages the nerves in the feet and sometimes the hands therefore you have pain and /or a tingling feeling. The good news is that it may be reduced and maybe eliminated if you reduce carbs and get you blood glucose under control. It will take a while though to get the best result. Understand that the longer you've had high blood glucose the more damage there will be and your results will reflect that. 

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Welcome!  Do anything you can to try and control diabetes.  Diet and exercise can help greatly even if you are using insulin or on medication.  Reducing simple carbs and moving around might be able to allow you to take less medicine, use less insulin, and not swing from low to high to low.  If you can provide some more details about what is going on, we can provide better ideas and advice. ~ Mike

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Welcome Fmpnyc.

 The most common foot pain with diabetics is neuropathy.

This is a type of nerve damage from long periods of high blood glucose.

I had it many years ago & it can be really painful. Ive not had it since I reduced my carbs & A1c


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