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On 8/21/2020 at 7:00 AM, Dowling said:

Thanks Hammer I just may get that software. I've saved that link. I do like to enlarge photos for my oil paintings to get the details and this would give me a clearer picture. I refer to my photo all the time while I'm painting. How is it at giving you true color or is that something I have to control while printing like I do now. I also grayscale photos to get the contrast for paintings and print them on regular paper.


You got into computers long before me. My first computer was an XP. I'm glad I learned on that. It was by far the best computer for a newbie. If I had waited for Vista I would have been screwed. My neighbour showed me how to do photos using Microsoft's office/word but a lot I learned on my own by exploring.


I can see why you buy in bulk, If I used that much paper I'd do it too.


Dowling, I remembered this comment that you made, and it occurred to me...if you are using a Windows computer, and you want to do some basic editing of photos, just use Paint, which is included with Windows.  It's not a very sophisticated program, but it is designed to edit photos.  I don't know how Microsoft's Office/Word works on photos, but I would think that Paint would work better.

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