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Another idiotic teacher...

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On 9/4/2020 at 12:32 AM, Hammer said:

With all of the rioting and looting that's happening here, this idiotic teacher thought that this would be a good course to offer?  What are the benefits of offering a course like this, I mean, how is this course going to make the student a productive member of society?

How to Overthrow the State,

What are the benefits of offering a course like this”; emphatically none, perhaps, people who preached this kind of rhetoric are not only idiots but somewhat intoxicated.


In political philosophy, the right of revolution or the right of rebellion is the right or duty of the people of a nation to overthrow a government, to coin a phrase this ‘bears no fruit’, unless you’re living in the African Savannah under a rock without a TV then you have no chance of seeing the daily civil unrest of anarchy on the streets of the US, while 29 Cities are under siege, with mob-rule rioting, looting, burning in some states, a revolution across the streets of the states of New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Minneapolis, New Orleans, this is no longer about BLM purely street thuggery. That’s what will happen if a bunch of hot-heads try to overthrow a government.


The problem with overthrowing a government, is, what to replace it with? No one is never satisfied with any particular government; however, very few people have explored the details necessary to rule a nation. So … What do you replace the government with? Getting rid of one government is only half the battle; then you have to implement an entirely new government. This is complicated by the fact that remnants of the old government probably still exist in some form and are most likely not happy with the change.

And another thing, how does this sit with the list of the amendment to the United States Constitution? The Declaration of Independence. Which states you have the Right to Overthrow a Government. The Declaration of Independence also states that you not only have the right but you also have the duty to alter or abolish any government that does not secure your unalienable rights, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and at the moment the US is currently not a happy place to be, with the civil unrest, but of course, this only applies to some states.


What source does your idiotic teacher imply? 

Are they taking the Marxists agenda of a Liberal/Democracy?  


How will you attain power? How will you communicate with the masses? How do you plan on improving the lives of the people? How will you deal with the past?

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14 hours ago, buddy7 said:

The problem with overthrowing a government, is, what to replace it with?

Buddy, that's exactly what happened with "Chaz", when the rioters closed off a section of the city and named it Chaz.  After a few days, one guy decided to be the leader of Chaz, but after a day or so, the other rioters didn't want him to be the leader, so everyone started arguing among themselves, and nothing was ever decided.


You see this frequently happening when a country gets overthrown by another group, and this new group sets up their own government, only to have another group overthrow the second group that took power.  The only way that something like that might succeed here in the US, would be if a foreign power tried to overthrow our government, but that's highly unlikely, since this country has, not only extreme military strength, but the citizens are armed, and will defend this country from their houses if they have to. 


Ever since this rioting and looting started, many citizens, including anti-gun people, have gone out and bought guns.  Guns stores can't keep guns on their shelves as they sell out as soon as they get a shipment in.  The same goes for ammo.  Ammo is in short supply, and most stores are out of it.  I decided some time ago to build up my supply of ammo, not for the situation that we have now in this country, but because buying ammo in bulk is less per round than just buying small amounts of it.  Buying 1,000 rounds in bulk, costs about 25% less per round than just buying a box of 50 rounds.  Since I go to the shooting range and "kill" targets, I know that I'd use up lots of ammo, but since this rioting has started, I have only gone to the range once this year, and that was to try out my new gun.  I want to save my ammo.

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