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Why? Unexpected Low Reading After Meal

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What can cause an unexpectedly low blood glucose level after a meal?


I ate 10oz Salmon, 1/2 large sweet potato, a salad of romaine lettuce, red and orange peppers, with "aged" balsamic vinegar (extra carby) and olive oil, and 4oz Rose wine.  Carb Manager put the meal at around 25g net carbs and 600 calories.


My 1hr from start eating BG reading was 110.  


I probably had a sip or two of the wine 10-15 minutes earlier than the "start eating", could that cause an insulin flood and squash the later meal glucose?



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Perhaps your BG was extra low before you started to eat. What were you doing before the meal? Perhaps your BG went higher after the 1 hour because the fiber in your meal delayed the glucose response. These are only guesses based on the info given. I wouldn't worry about it though 110 is a good reading

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