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Glipizide is confusing me ???????

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Glipizide is one of the only meds I've taken that seems to help with my sugar but 

it seems very inconsistent. I take 5 m.g. before breakfast and 5m.g. before dinner.

Recently it doesn't seem to have much effect on my numbers. An example is 2 days 

ago my sugar is 158 before dinner. I take the glipizide before a low carb dinner and

2 hrs. later my sugar is 168. Here is the confusing part. Today I take my glipizide before

a late breakfast early low carb meal. After noon I go with my wife to the grocery store

and have a weak moment and eat a large chocolate bar probably 80 carb or more.

We get home and I have my second glipizide pill then have a dinner of sausage and 

sauerkraut with a little mashed potatoes. An hour after dinner I'm not feel quite right

kind of a gittery feeling. Thinking maybe my sugar has gone really high I check it and

to my surprise it is 64. My question is why is there not much of an effect after eating low carb

and then a very large effect after a carb overload? 

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Do you make insulin?  Are you insulin resistant?  I don't take glipizide so I can't answer the question but, I observe something similar whenever I eat too many carbs.  I have a reactive hypo, meaning that my body made insulin to respond to the glucose but, because I am insulin resistant, I just sit high for about 3 hours.  Eventually, everything unlocks and my BG will crash down into the low 80's or even high 70's.  I understand that glipizide forces the pancreas to make insulin so that could be what is going on here.


It might help to share what you eat with this group.  Sometimes, what is believed to be low carb is not low carb at all.  It is not just the quantity of carbs but the type that need to be considered.  For example, I could eat rice and stay under my carb goal but my BG will spike since that is converted directly to glucose.

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