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Just diagnosed....

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Hi all,


Already did the introduction forum, but wanted to also stop in on this forum and do a brief intro too....(prior to just jumping into a conversation)


Had gestational Diabetes, on insulin, 25 years ago - so knew this was a possibility someday. 

Diagnosed 7 days ago  (normal A1C 6 months ago)

fasting blood test was 238

A1C was 9.5


So.....learning about changes in past 25 years, adjusting diet, joining here (HI 🖐), and participating!



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I'm thankful those times have changed.

I'm sure I'd have had my feet amputated by now if I'd followed the ADA recomendations .

Luckily I found this forum  the same day as I attended those classes.


OK I knew I had to change the way I had been eating, but to go figh fat/low carb is a regime one could actually enjoy & for many years.

I could even have bacon sausages & eggs for breakfast  if I wanted.

Vegetables swimming in butter  was much better then margarine, & I even got to eat brussel sprouts which soon became a favorite vegetable.


I'm sure your next A1c will be much lower.

Its nice  to meet you Bookworm, & exciting to know you will have a better future because you are taking control.


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20 minutes ago, jaylooie said:

this can be very scary but the thing to do is eat healthy and exercise and keep am eye what raises your sugar this book really help me 

It looks like we have another spammer. 


I can't figure them out. They know that they are going to be kicked off and it has to take a lot of time to spam all these forums. I realize that times are tough and people need to eat and a place to sleep, so I wonder who is paying for them to do this. 

Are their bosses trying to infect our computers?

Edited by Diana_CT

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Welcome!  Many here find that diet and exercise go a long way towards getting control over this.  We will help you with advice in any way we can. ~ Mike

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