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Medtronic 770G Errors

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Anyone else having trouble with Minimed 770G errors? A week ago I got my first one, replacing my 670G, and it had error 53 the days in a row. Some software error, after the second time I was sure the pump is working fine (but each time it needs a rewind/refill), but on the third one they decided to replace it. This is the third day on the replacement, just got an error 43, not sure what that is. Very disappointing.


I figure that we in the U.S. are behind other countries for getting the 770G, so I’m hoping there is experience on this pump with errors like this. I will be calling the help line, but fear another replacement is the solution.


 Any ideas? Maybe the 780G software roll out will go better.

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Error 43 is a pump motor error, basically the pump watchdog saw something it didn’t like. I’m assured it is running fine, just like the one I returned a few days ago.


 It seems like the watchdogs are a little too sensitive, like a loud Chihuahua guarding the front door.

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