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Csonked Out


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Csonked Out

Good Evening everyone, I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic back on November 17th, 2020. I had gone in for bronchitis in September and my fasting blood sugar was at 165, went in on Nov 17th and it was 147 with an A1C of 7.0 and was put on 500mg of Metformin. When diagnosed I was at 226lbs and am 5'10'', the goal was too get down to 175 and I am currently down to 194 right now after 2 months. I am following a similar diet to a lot on here right now in that I am sticking to between 30-50 Carbs a day and try to eat no more than half my body weight in protein. I also am currently not drinking alcohol or caffeine and am trying to limit my sodium and fat intake as well, although that has proven to be tough on a low carb diet. I feel like i'm just eating Almonds, Beef Jerky, and vegetables all daylol, but it has had a big impact as my blood sugar and was down to 94 today just before my meal tonight.


My goal is to simply be able to live life without medication as Metformin has been causing me a bit of flushed skin as a side effect and I am ready to get off of it ASAP but that is not the reason I am here so much. More than anything I am just looking for other people to relate to what I am going through. When people see the weight I have lost the first thing I always here is "what diet are you on" or "Good for you, you look great, what made you start" and while they should be viewed as compliments it just bums me out as the second I inform them I am diabetic I just start hearing apologies and all that. While it has been easy for me to lose weight and get my blood sugar in check quickly, feeling like I am all of the sudden being treated differently because of this disease is something that has been tougher than expected on me and I am already over the sympathy.


I look forward to meeting everyone here and am hoping to develop some relationships with people who are going through the same thing I am!

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Welcome!  Many of us here use fat as a primary energy source.  When I adopted low carb/high fat, it was like hitting a reset button.  I lost 100 pounds in a year and no more meds for me.  I went from always being tired and sedentary to a physically active person.  I would encourage you to look around the posts as many other would share similar experiences.  You may be insulin resistant and the modifications to your diet may indeed reach that goal of no medication.


More importantly, you must replace the energy carbs gave you with something else.  Fat is energy dense and will keep you full.  Check out recipes and daily meal ideas.  In fact there is a post where one person posts their daily diet to show it can be done.


Yesterday, I had a steak pinwheel filled with feta cheese and spinach.  A side of hummus and a nice lettuce and tomato salad with Italian dressing.

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Welcome to the forum. I hope you feel part of the community & share your experiences as you take from others.


You have done really well  in reducing carbs although your also restricting some of my favourite things...........coffee.

Why are you so hard on  yourself?

I hope you can find a pattern of nutrition that is sustainable to become your forever diet.


Youve not mentioned cheese or eggs, is that because of the education sysytem of years gone by?


They are really good foods , high in food value plus will keep the hunger pangs away. 

Peanut butter is another option.

Dont be afraid of fats, they are good for you.



I dont tell others that I have diabetes but if I am required to explain my choices, I simply say I have allergies.

My friends had hard enough time accepting that I am pescetarian.


Such information is nothing they can do about it, its not as  if they will know of a cure for diabetes althhough they will always remember  someone in the past had it & tell you of their awful experiences.



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I've never had anyone treat me differently because I'm diabetic but if I did I'd use it as an opportunity to teach them about how diabetes can be managed and is not a death sentence and how you can avoid complications of diabetes. I would never hide the fact that I'm diabetic but I don't  go out of my way to inform them that I'm diabetic unless someone asks. If someone asked me what diet are you on I'd answer Keto and I wouldn't be lying, Keto is similar to the diet we follow.


Good fat should be part of your diet. When you cut out carbs you need something for energy. Instead of carbs your body will switch to burning fat. In fact many of us have lowered our lipid panel with a low carb high fat diet. I drink a lot of coffee--coffee and water are the only liquids I drink and it's never effected my BG. You need a diet that you can stick to forever and you can't do that if you are feeling deprived. I'd carefully add a few things to your diet and test to see how it effects you. If it doesn't effect your blood glucose then it's something you can eat. No 2 diabetics are the same and what effects your blood glucose may not effect mine and vise versa.


Are you on regular Metforman or the slow release Met. Many have found that switching to the slow release helps with side effects.

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