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Hello all

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Hello all, I'm Yojimbo. Diagnosed as type 1 eight years ago at 33 years old.


I'm far from a compliant diabetic, but I try. Usually in the 9 range on a1c, and under 200 with my sugar. 


My first insulin pump was delivered yesterday, and I'll start using it after training, so I thought it would be a good time to join a community. 


Thanks for having me.

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Welcome Yojimbo, I'm hoping to encorouge you to become compliant. 


Diabetes is a violent beast to those that allow it to free range, & you are too young to  go through that misery.

Getting  a pump is a good start but theres two more aspects to take control.... dieting & exercise.


Can we help you with suggestions on low carb foods & exercises?



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