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what it means 1 hr ogtt glucose high 3 rd hour so low

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can someone help me interpret my recent 3 hr glucose test. im 29 weeks pregnant; 
I failed 1 hr glucose test ( 50 g glucose) result was 180 so the doctor ordered 3 hr glucose test. 
here is my result
fasting 80mg/dl
1 hr after 100 g glucose dring 183mg/dl
2 hr 127mg/dl
3 hr 62mg/ dl

I see the 1 hrour is high and 3 rd hour so low

what it means?
thank you

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Ok I'm no doctor  but It probably means you have gestational diabetes and need to make an adjustment to your diet and maybe you'll need meds. A nondiabetic would never go to 183. You need to cut your carbs. Not drastically but maybe to 100 a day. It is better to cut carbs now because most women who have gestational diabetes will eventually become diabetic so cutting carbs now will help you avoid that diagnoses for a longer time maybe forever. 


 To explain your test

You had very little glucose in your blood to start. 80 is a good fasting number. Then you loaded up with sugar water. Your blood glucose went the diabetic range at 182 then to the borderline diabetic at 127 then to 62 which is low blood glucose and that's too much of a change. normal blood glucose stays within a small range and never goes very high or very low. Your doctor will probably put you on something to regulate your blood glucose until your pregnancy is over but do watch your blood glucose after that and take steps to lessen your chances of becoming diabetic

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It would be best if you ask your doctor again for more clarification. Can't you reach her/him through a call?

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