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Exercising with infusion & CGM sensor

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Hi everyone. I've just recently started using the Mini Med 780G insulin pump together with Guardian Link 3 CGM sensors. I previously used AccuCheck Spirit pump.

I'm finding it hard to keep the infusion & sensor stuck to my skin - never had a problem with the AccuCheck infusions. So started using the IV 3000 dressings which seem to be working.


My question is actually about exercise. Anyone have experience with Yoga or Zumba or jogging with this Guardian 3 sensor? I did a Zumba class after starting with sensor and it just feels like it might fall off or move or something. And with Yoga all the twisting - I need some input from others using this devise please.



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I keep a role of Op-site Flexi tape on hand for when I go swimming. I apply it over the sensor/ transmitter and the infusion set. 

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