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Are Slim noodles-vegetarian pad thai., okay for pre-diabetic.?

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According to the nutrition label you showed there are 10 carbs and 2 fiber in 100 G( slightly less than 1/2 cup of cooked noodles. That's not many noodles for the number of carbs but if you can make it work it may be ok. I'd be sure to test the results to see how it effects your Blood glucose. If it contains grains it may raise your blood glucose even the number of carbs are OK. Some diabetics can't eat any grains at all

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I've used shirataki noodles (also made from konjac) in the past, but zoodles (spriralized zucchini) are much better. The product featured above started with konjac, but then added enough starch and sugar to get it up to 25g per serving. Why?

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