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Advice required for other foods

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This is just one of headbangers recipes that look good & easy.




His headbanger kitchen site has a great varieto but not all are low carb. Read the carb content on each recipe.




Curried Cabbage is a fav of mine or even as a late night snack.

olive oil , 1 onion, 4 stick celery. 4 cloves garlic
2 table spoons mild curry powder. 1table spoon vegetable or chicken stock powder
1Litre water.
1 potato cut into bite sized pieces,  4 or 5  or even 6 cups cabbage cut roughly.
I use as much as available, usually   3/4 large cabbage or 1 mini cabbage
Slightly cover the base of a pot with olive oil. add chopped onion & celery & garlic & cook slightly known as sweat,  but not brown.
Add curry powder mix, add stock powder . add water & stir well
add cabbage. Cover  with pot lid & allow to cook over low heat until cabbage is cooked...maybe 25mins

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