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Back again, I hope it sticks this time

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Hello again.  I have wandered back.  I can't wander off this time.  I need you guys too much.


Things went downhill about 2 years ago when I had extensive surgery on my right shoulder: full tear of the rotator cuff and torn tendons which had to be screwed back to the clavicle. (yep, I am right-handed)  Almost a year of physical therapy. (of course, it was a gardening injury.  That was a damn stubborn patch of clover I was trying to dig up.)  Everything that could go wrong did.  They made an error putting in the nerve block and deflated my right lung, requiring oral intubation instead of a regional nerve block, leading to 2 years of bronchitis and shortness of breath.  Shortly post-op I had a bright red, blistering, painful rash on my right arm where the sling had been, a bad case of shingles, a chemical burn from the skin prep under my right arm, and poison ivy all at the same time.  Stress much?  there is more that happened post-op and I will admit to becoming suicidal a few weeks after the surgery.  I am glad my therapist talked me out of it.


 I am extremely grateful to my oldest friend who took 3 weeks off of work to babysit me and then sent her daughter down for 2 more weeks. A friend committed suicide the day of my surgery.  Needless to say, a low-carb diet went out the window.  Since then I have had A1C's in the 7's, up to 8 once.


The Endo and I have been struggling with various meds and severe reactions since.  Victoza and its cousins are not an option for me now.  After several years on it, I came down with pancreatitis.  One dose of any that group of meds has me doubled over crying.  After trying most of them, Metformin is the only oral med I can tolerate or am not allergic to and I have been on 2000u/ day for almost 10 years.  I am staying on it for kidney protection.


I started Novolin 70/30 two weeks ago after fighting it for months.  A little dose, 4 u 2 x day.  Fasting BS is much better, daytime not so much. . .yet.  If anyone had ever told me how much things would change after going on insulin I would not have fought it so long.  My eyesight is sharper, my brain is less foggy, anxiety has decreased tremendously, and my mood is much more stable.  The godawful constant carb cravings are gone and my energy level is going up. I did not realize what a mess I was.


My biggest challenge is the changes in appetite.  I am not hungry for hours and don't recognize hunger unless I see or smell food.  Then I am ravenous.  I often do not realize I need to eat unless I start shaking as my blood sugar is tanking.  Figuring out what to eat, how much, and when is the largest problem.  Exercise is also an issue due to extreme bursitis in the knees.  I am mostly fine when vertical, severe pain at night and some days depending on activity level.  Naprosyn and tramadol are my friends although I have yet to make friends with the cane.  I hate dragging it around.


I need to get back in control of my diet.  Any and all suggestions/ comments are welcome.


Thus endeth the synopsis of my adventure since I was a regular here. More war stories upon request. *stopping the woeful music and putting away my violin now,*

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Welcome back!  When I was fighting obesity I realized that, when I was out of control, I was never really hungry.  I would just eat.  Once I reset, I re-discovered hunger.  It was the strangest thing.


What really worked for me was to get out of the house.  Cycling was perfect because it can be an all-day activity.  When I am stuck in the house, I find I eat more that I should.  Whether the food is low carb or not, too much of it is not good for me.


I also strive, yet often fail, to eat only when I am actually hungry rather than eat because it is time to eat.


You have certainly had an ordeal and I hope much of that is behind you!

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