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Eggs makes my numbers go down

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If I eat eggs over medium, sausage and toast my numbers seem to go down and stay down most of the day, why would this be and any suggestions on other foods that would do this ?

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Since there are many reasons to present diabetes, you would likely get many different answers.  I can only share my experience.  Going low carb/high fat and becoming active turned me around.  I no longer need meds.  I present as a non-diabetic.  The medical community only knows I am diabetic because it is on the chart.


In my case, bread is not a good choice.  If I eat it on a regular basis, my numbers creep up.  That is simply how I work.  My carbs come from non-root vegetables and nuts.  No sugar, simple starches, rice, grains, pasta, or fruit (except small quantities of berries).

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