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Hi Herb, Welcome to the forum.

i have eaten nothing but good food low in carbs low in sugar i am taking metformin and completely changed my diet and i tested my sugar level before eati

stay with us even though it may seem even more confusing  but it will all fall into place when you start to feel well  as your blood glucose starts dropping.


I also thought I ate nothing but good foods but diabetes  changed my food choices as I no longer could tolerate so many carbs.

Fruit, grains, root vegetables are high carb, so that means rice,oats, pasta,potatoes, fruit juices are not for us.


Count your daily carb intake & at first keep it below 100g a day knowing it can be reduced further if need be.

We can eat fat.. so a fat marbled steak is an excellent choice. It also keeps the hunger pangs away.


I eat a lot of mixed vegetables roasted in olive oil or butter .

We have a good selection of recipes or just ask us for our suggestions,

Avoid low fat foods as they increase the carb intake to make it palatable 

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@Herbbb , Other foods you can enjoy are eggs, nuts & cheese. leafy green veges etc.


You can great cheese crakers that are D friendly  by placing a spoonfull of grated Parmesan on baking paper & microwave  on high for about 1min.


As you say you have been eating low carb, it makes me wonder if you are truely type 2 or another type.

How many carbs a day do you consume & what is your exercise regime?

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10 hours ago, TX_Clint said:

How can we help you Herbbb? Ask whatever you wish.



See the message tags for the question.




You may get better answers by putting questions in the message body. Was an A1C test performed? What was the result?

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