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New type 2 diabetic. Concerned on Ac1 Reading

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Hello.  Till recently borderline diabetic, but a recent Hba1c test, highlighted my levels have increased showing reading of 80  mmol.


I believe that is poor control of glycemic levels, but my GP has not given a detailed explanation if seriously high, awaiting to speak with diabetic nurse and prescribed Metformin SR 1 tablet a day. And gliclazide 40mg 1 a day.  I was hoping to achieve with diet changes and exercise, but now feel medication has to be included. Very nervous of taking medicine and side effects.


May I ask has anyone taken this combination of meds and had better results in lower levels of diabetes control.




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Hi @s.carroll216@gmail.com, I'm sorry I wasnt online earlier when you posted, even though I can only say how welcome you the forum.


What was your actual A1c?

I can relate to you being nervous of the meds but negative side effects doesnt happen to everyone.

If  theres a chance your doctor will be ok with you following  a suitable nutrition pattern & exercise, then we can help you here with recommendations.

At first I thought I was eating well & according to  the suggestions from the dietician but it wouldve had me seriously affected with poor health.

I'm ever so thankful I found this forum as it assured me carbs were my allergy..not fat. So I am able to enjoy real butter on my vegetables etc.


Do you count your carb intake? If not,may I recommend you start by keeping 100g a day as the maximum for a start.

You can do this easily by avoiding rice,pasta, flour products, fruit, oats & root vegetables.


Good choices include cheese, eggs, meat, fish, chicken , cream , nuts, leafy &  green vegetables.


I dont take meds but a couple here do , so they might discuss  them with you.

Please feel part of the community & ask anything that concerns you.

We will all try to help you.



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Hi and welcome


Yes you can do more with diet than meds but meds do help. With diet changes you can lower your A1C by a lot. We understand the actual A1C better than 80 mml although I looked it up and that is pretty high. If you change your diet you can lower that figure dramatically. The metforman prescribed is a slow release and you should be able to get by without some of the gastric problems of the regular one.  Try ditching the Gliclazide and just use the Metforman and diet.


As for diet we use a High fat Low carb diet similar to the Keto diet so you might check that out. It means cutting down on carbs by a lot and increasing your good fats. Don't worry about the fat. The body uses carbs for energy when you don't get enough carbs it switches to fat burning. That's why it works as a diet for losing weight but it also lowers your blood glucose. Some here have got rid of meds and rely on diet alone to control their diabetes.


It is not easy at first because it seems everything is loaded with carbs but you can avoid too many by cooking low carb. Avoid prepackaged food they are loaded with carbs and cook from scratch. One time my family was here and I made them Lasagna. When I was making it I saved part of the meat portion. Since noodles are a no no for me. Just before I took it out of the oven I put some spiralized zucchini in a non stick pan and put the meat portion I saved on top and sprinkled on some parmesan cheese and mozzarella and put a lid on 2 minutes later it was heated through and the cheese melted and I slid it on my plate, took the lasagna out of the oven and enjoyed the taste of lasagna without too many carbs.


One reason I suggested a keto site is for the recipes and the support you'll get there to keep low carb but there are plenty of low carb sites on line. You will also get support here but a little extra doesn't hurt. You do have to look closely at those recipes to see if they really are low carb. Also check out our recipe section. It is really a learning process. You will learn how to read labels, look up the nutrition of things and adapt recipes but after a while it becomes old hat. The benefits are that you'll feel better and have more energy


Check back and let us know how you are doing and ask any questions you may have. Someone is sure to answer

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When I was first diagnosed, I was prescribed Metformin.   With diet and exercise as described above, I was able to cease medication with the doctor's blessing.  For about 5 years I have just been using diet and exercise to control this.


For me, the elimination of simple carbs like starches, pastas, grains, and rice had the greatest effect.  I also started walking after being sedentary for years.  


Hope this helps. ~ Mike

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