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Do pump alarms drive you insane?

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I have type 1 diabetes for 54 years. I have been on a Medtronic pump for about 26 years. Several years ago I added a Dexcom 6 continuous glucose monitor. I really liked it and was able to manage the alarms. I decided to switch from Medtronic to TSlim because Dexcom  and Tslim worked together. I like the pump and the IQ that stops insulin if you go low and gives a bolus if you go high. If you only give insulin based on what it allows for your blood sugar and what insulin you have on board, it prevents over stacking of insulin. The main advantage to me, is that I have fewer significantly low hypoglycemic events and the HgbA1c is slightly lower. Therefore I have become quite dependent on the pump and the CGM. What I cannot stand are the alarms. I took as many alarms away from the pump as I could and silenced as many as I could and use my cellphone for the CGM alarms because it is far easier to control the alarms with the cell phone then through the pump. The one alarm I cannot silence is the IQ alarm that goes off whenever the IQ instructs the pump to give an extra bolus because of a high glucose or stop infusing if the glucose is low. To me, this is just a second reminder that my BS is high or low and is super frustrating. Instead of giving me the freedom to live a life with good control, the alarms have forced me to be a slave to the pump and spend my whole day and therefore my entire life addressing some alarm on the pump or iphone. I have had more anxiety and rage related to these alarms then ever before in my life. When my BS is low or high, that makes me irritable and to be forced to acknowledge the cellphone alarm and then immediately address the pump IGQ alarm is literally driving me insane. I have had dreams of being on my deathbed waiting to die, taking off the pump and smashing it over and over and over again with a hammer to give me satisfaction before I pass into bliss where I will never again have to deal with a glucose alarm or pump alarm. Am I alone in this suffering? Do others struggle with this degree of alarm anxiety? 

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