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Rad Warrier

16 years after diabetes diagnosis

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Rad Warrier

Looks like fall colors have arrived a little late here in the Pacific Northwest of US. As I look around, it is still not in full swing.

Early this month, we went on a short visit to our son's place in Nova Scotia, Canada (a trip from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast). There too, fall seems to have arrived a little late. I have two pictures here. The first one taken 17 years ago in Nova Scotia, Canada. The second one taken just ten days ago, in the same Nova Scotia but in a different place. The first picture is just one year before my diabetes diagnosis. I was then 8 kg (nearly 20 lb) heavier than now:) 

Glad to say that 16 years have passed by since my diabetes diagnosis and I am still OK. I am not taking any diabetes medication now since my doctor discontinued prescribing Metformin a couple of years ago.



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Rad I always enjoy knowing your doing well. Success stories such as yours  is inspiriational.


I wish I had better news of the fall  foliage , theres a chance that will even become  less vibrant  because of global warming.

This link might be of interest to you.


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