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Diabetesforums is an online community of people with Diabetes, friends, family and caregivers from around the world.

Considering the real-time nature of these forums, it is impossible for us to review the content or confirm validity of information posted. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should be taken as educational only, consult with your medical professional.

While the administrator and moderators do moderate the contents of posted messages, however we are not responsible for the contents of any messages posted. Therefore you acknowledge all posts made here express the views and opinions of their respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the owner, administrator and moderators of Diabetesforums.com. If any user feels that a posted message is objectionable please use the The report button at the bottom of the post to notify a moderator.

In case of a medical emergency, you should always call your healthcare provider or dial 911.

By using these Forums, you agree with the following:

• The owner/Administrator and Moderators of Diabetes Forums reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason. Advertising is not allowed without prior permission. This includes, other message boards, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and other forms of solicitation.

• Unauthorized advertising of any form is not tolerated in any forum. We will not tolerate any form of advertising without prior approval. Diabetes forums are not a free service to help individuals make money. If you want to advertise email can be sent to: Here

The following are considered spam:
• Links to other sites that are relevant to the discussion are fine, but promoting your own or someone else’s commercial venture or competing site isn’t. This rule applies to all functions of the site, including e-mails and private messages.

• Very short posts that do not add value to the current discussion. For example, a post with only the words "yeah me too!" are spam. Such posts will be deleted and the post count resulting from them will be lost.

• Double posts, if you posted something and realized you made a mistake, use the edit/delete option. If you make another post adjacent to your previous post, the new post will be deleted.

• Identical post or links across multiple threads or forums will be deleted.

• Off topic posts will be either removed or moved to the appropriate place, depending on moderator.

• Posts that obviously serve no purpose other than upping one's post counts. This is up to the moderators to decide.

• Posts like "XXX, I have a question for you" are considered spam. They should be done via private messaging.

• Posts that contain large amounts of smile's and/or spaces to make it look like they contain useful information often don't. Be aware of those tactics to quickly up post count. And any other posts that we deem inappropriate for other readers.

Self-Promotion Threads
• These fall under the same rules as SPAM:
We all heard “Your First impression is your last one” While every member is encouraged to make a thread in the intro forum. You are not allowed to introduce yourself by promoting your venture. This doesn’t make a good impression, such post will result in you being banned. We are very strict on this rule.

• Links to any diabetic sites/forums, as well as links containing advertising or self-promotion will be deleted. Consistent misuse of links may result in suspension of your membership to DF. Personal blogs may be listed in your profile, but they should not show up in every post. You should not invite members to contact you via PM's or E-mail. These type of posts will be removed and offenders may be banned.

• In short we all hate spam, so let’s not contribute to spreading it. Solicitation and self-promotion is not allowed. Diabetes Forums does not provide free advertising space. It is at the discretion of the board owners to make the final decision as to what constitutes spam, but just use common sense and we’ll be fine. When in doubt, contact, Tony or one of the Moderators.

Reading/Replying to Posts
• Please read through posts entirely before responding. Skimming or speed reading can cause missed information or misinterpretation of posts. Responses should address questions of either the original poster, or at least provide information or experiences relevant to the topics at hand.

Be careful when giving out medical advice:
• We have many educated people here, but we are not doctors. Any change in your treatment should be discussed with your doctor. NOTHING we post should be considered medical advice.

Going Off Topic
• Please try to remain on topic within the thread. Sometimes, it is impossible not to veer off into other areas of discussion, but try to conclude responses with respect to the original subject.

Please be respectful of fellow posters
• It's alright to disagree, but do so in a tactful manner. Ridiculing, flaming, criticizing, degrading or any other kind of harshness will Not be tolerated, there will be no comments about racism, sexual orientation, nor religion. These comments are hurtful and offensive and are grounds for dismissal/banning. Be kind to others and mindful of how responses are formed. Most of all, remember that while certain regimes might work for one, they may or may not work for others. Pushing your regime on one or taking over threads to push your regime will not be tolerated. While low-carb is a popular topic, please remember that diabetes forums is not a low carb forum. Pushing your opinions on others, whether low carb/high carb/no carb will not be tolerated.

• Here at DF, we have members from all walks of life who embrace different faiths, and some who don't practice any religion at all. All of us must strive to peacefully co-exist w/o unnecessary conflicts, and religion/faith can become a source of conflict if not handled properly. Please be aware when you post something regarding religion, that your post may be considered offensive to others. Any posts trying to "convert" someone to your belief structure or that argue the merits of a particular belief/religion or any post bashing a particular religion or belief structure will be deleted. It is certainly acceptable to mention your religion or lack thereof if it relates to the discussion at hand provided your post is submitted in a non-confrontation and respectful manner.

Herbal or non-traditional treatments
• It is fine to share what works for you, but pushing non-traditional treatments over mainline medical advice will not be tolerated, as this falls under giving medical advice. You can mention that a particular herb/vitamin/mineral works for you, but promoting a particular brand or linking to a wholesaler is not permitted.

Sexual Content
• Sexual content is not permitted except in the most general context. Anything which could be hurtful to someone else (within reason) is course for a warning to be given. This includes posting links or pictures of pornographic material, sexually explicit avatars, sexist jokes, and use of violent sexual language, unwanted sexual advances, and anything else that could be hurtful and offensive. If you wouldn't see it on prime time television, it shouldn't be on this website. Violators will be warned and their posts will be deleted. Repeat offenders may be banned from Diabetesforums.com

Do not post profanity or attempts to bypass the word filters. This site is rated PG-13 and is meant to be suitable for all ages. Posts containing profanity will be either deleted or edited.

• We ask that you keep your signatures a reasonable size, w/o animation or any potentially offensive posts. It's confusing when the signature line has more lines than the actual post. Keeping your signature line as brief as possible is ideal.

Policy on usernames
• .com user names are not allowed. Usernames with an email address is not allowed.

• We do not allow multiple usernames for the same person. If you are the owner of multiple usernames, we will remove duplicates, regardless of post count, and usually without consultation with you. We will leave one username remaining.

• If you are banned for a period of time, and you re-register to circumvent the ban, we will remove all accounts and ban your IP address. The time-period ban is a "cooling down" period, enforced by our team.

• As a privately-owned and operated site, we reserve the right to moderate our site in whatever manner we choose for the "greater good" of the site. That means that, even if you're not technically breaking any of the previously-listed rules, you could still be subject to being banned, moderated, or removed from the site if we choose. Obviously, we try not to take any action not supported by an actual violation of our rules listed, but sometimes someone is disruptive to the other members of our site, and when that happens, we will take action. All we ask of our members is that they act like the mature individuals we hope they are, and use common sense.

Last updated on 10/18/2014.

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