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    Could insulin resistance be beneficial?


    I have been wondering a lot lately about insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia because I strongly believe that is what is primarily wrong with me.  When I adopted a diet more like a hunter-gatherer my numbers normalized and I have been told that I can consider my diabetes as in remission since I don't present symptoms.


    This was an interesting article.  I have often wondered how having access to unprecedented amounts of energy rich food might affect us as a species that has primarily had to function in a feast or famine mode for much of the time it has been here.


    Perhaps some of us are not broken (as far as we would define broken) but we are better adapted for starvation and famine than others?



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    The reverse experiment works pretty well too. Take a group of hunter gatherers, put them on a reservation, give them lots of sugar and flour to consume, and watch them become obese and diabetic. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pima_people#Modern_life

    While I believe there is a thrifty genotype, I also believe that most people have the ability to switch on some of these genes when the environmental conditions call for it. They don't switch off so easily, though. See https://www.cbsnews.com/news/tom-hanks-reveals-diabetes-diagnosis-did-fluctuating-weight-play-a-role/.

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    From a 70 yr Old T1.5 Ault Onset ID..6.7 % A1c -Insulin Pens-Testing 8x daily ( and 9x if go to bed Above 200) 

    If your A1c's are at or above 7%? Then, you have a Very Serious Problem

    If can See an Endo and Request either an Omi Pod or a Insulin Pump 

    and Learn about Carb Counting and find your I:CR and Basal and Bolus 's

    And also Test eating Nothing but Low Carb Frozen Health Choice Meals for for Lunch and Dinner and for Bkfst, eat nothing but Protein, Eggs and Sauage Patties.. for 3 days ( if Not Indefinatey) 


    Unless you want to Die 5-10 yrs Earlier from Kidney Dialysis and Heart Failures and have a Few Eye Failures in each eye( Bleeders) . Control your BG's is about the only thing you can do..Your Endo ought to Inform you of the "Dark Side" of ID.

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