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    My first speech about diabetes

    • The day has come and gone...

    Today finally dawned and I was ready to give my presentation to a diabetes support group.  I must admit that I was anxious because I felt like I would be a rookie in the group trying out for the big leagues.  It seems so ironic to be trying out for the big leagues among a group of people with a chronic illness but there I was.


    1PM rolls around and the introductions begin.  Sure enough there are several people there with 20 years of experience with Type 2.  One lady had lost her fingers and parts of her legs to complications and yet she manages to drive a stick shift automobile.  Another lady looks healthy but commented that age is catching up to her and it is a little harder to manage.  Like many of us, she was able to control her diabetes with diet and exercise.


    I can only say that it was a humbling experience.  I introduced myself and then expressed that just meeting them gave me hope that I could live with this for a long time.  I then share my journey.  Many of you know the stories like Macy's and such so I won't repeat them.


    After my presentation, I can say that I was accepted.  What I had to say wasn't surprising and it was accepted.  Auntie Edna emphasized we all had different journeys on this path and thanked me for sharing mine.


    One of the veterans commented how much easier it is now than it was 25 years ago.  Apparently, the first thing done was to get you started on insulin.  The Internet and groups like DF are actually changing that.  So while it feels like we are beating our heads against the wall, change is happening.  Hui Malama is actually trying to reach out to doctors locally and challenge what they think they know about diabetes.  


    I hope I will have the opportunity to do this again.  To me, it is so fulfilling to share and help others.  Once again, unexpectedly, I learned something new.  I have come a long way and it is exciting to look forward to where I might go.

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