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    Old dogs and old tricks

    • Can this old dog with an old trick restore peace in the house with a dog?

    Charlie, my daughter Kala's dog, is a tad overweight.  She has been exercising more with him and has modified his diet a little.  Sounds familiar....


    The diet change has been a little bit of a struggle because he won't eat.  After a few days of this, Kala has become concerned and has turned to the most reliable source of trusted information out there, Google.


    This in spite of the fact that my Mom for a good deal of her life bred, raised, and showed Afghan Hounds.  We have had our share of temperamental dogs over the years but she seemed to always know how to handle them.  I offered a simple piece of advice that I remember my Mom telling me once and I was given short shrift because it couldn't possibly work.


    So there has been this epic struggle to get Charlie to eat.  Pleading, sitting with him, scolding, taking away the food after 5 minutes, the gamut...


    Kala had some evening plans so the task of feeding Charlie fell to me.  I was apparently also going to be responsible for making sure he ate.  I was given this long elaborate instruction set that I promptly ignored in old dude fashion.  I was not going to invest all that time and energy in getting a dog to eat.


    Feeding time rolls around and I add about a Tbsp of olive oil.  My mom said, that in many cases, adding a little fat to the dinner will make them eat it.  She would use olive oil, cheese, bacon fat, or butter.  Not a lot either.  Dinner was gone in under 5 minutes.  I can relate since I too love olive oil, bacon fat, and butter.


    I loved it even more when she came home and saw the empty dish.  She was happy that he ate and I explained what I did.  While I would have loved to take credit for the "Dad, you're a genius!" comment from my near college graduate daughter that sometimes thinks she knows more than the old man (many times she actually does but I will never admit it), I had to give the credit to her grandmother.


    This morning, we "rinsed and repeated" with olive oil and peace, for now, reigns once again.


    This old dog is resting on his laurels and especially enjoying his morning coffee.


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