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    Think you might have diabetes?


    Do you think you might have diabetes?


    First, see if you suffer from some of the following symptoms:


    *Raging thirst

    *Frequent need to urinate

    *Rapid weight loss

    *Blurry vision



    One of these on their own doesn't really mean anything. Several all at the same time might.


    I have all the symptoms! Does that mean I have diabetes?


    No-one here on this forum can answer this question for you. As a group we might know a thing or two about diabetes but there is only ONE group of people on the whole planet that can tell you whether you have diabetes or not - doctors.


    If you think you have diabetes, don't umm and ahh about it. Don't bother getting some blood or urine testing kit from a pharmacy - at the most they'll point you in the right direction but they're by no means definitive. Don't kid yourself that you don't like doctors or hospitals. No-one does. But they're here to help.




    Then we'll be able to help you with all the rest.

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    I don't have most of those symptoms you listed. But my fasting bg is above 100. And yesterday, an hour after dinner, I spiked to 234. I haven't been diagnosed as diabetic, but I've been testing at home with a meter, and I'm afraid I am. I don't want to go to a doctor, because with all the insurance issues up in the air now, I don't want it on my medical record. Before that 234 spike, I had an argument with a pesky neighbor. Can stress like a simple disagreement cause a spike like that almost immediately? Have any of you experienced that? Thank you.

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    Celtic Lady - Please go see the doctor.  You might be pre-diabetic and be able to get a handle on this with diet and medication.


    I avoided the doctor for years for my own reasons and after finally visiting I found out I have diabetes.  I have no idea how long I have had it and what the consequences of letting that go so long might be.  Fortunately I have brought it under control with medicine, diet, and exercise.


    I realize it is not my place to comment but I would think insurance matters would be far easier to deal with than the potential issues of letting your diabetes go untreated.  Please see the doctor.  Your fears might not be as bad as the reality.

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    12 hours ago, Jesse Smith said:

    What should we do to stop diabetes??



    Well, Jesse...if you're already at 120mg/dL - eyeballing a meal of sugary fruit isn't the answer.

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