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    Many of the world's centenarians share one common hobby: gardening. Could you extend your life and drop your stress by taking up the pursuit, too? http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20181210-gardening-could-be-the-hobby-that-helps-you-live-to-100 Theres no mention of our bad backs
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    Daily Chat

    Doing my online shopping order & my naughty fingers took me to the bakery aisle. This looked so possible.. a Celebration Flourless Chocolate Caramel cake made with almond meal. It did go on to declare carbs at 56g per serve & no, that serve cant be 1/4 of the cake as it is 47g per 100g cake The culprits have to be tapioca starch & sugar. It beats me how they can get up to 19 serves from a 10 inch cake. BTW that 10inch cake costs $40 AUD / $29 USD from a regular supermarket not a top notch patisserie edit: of course the photo is large.. its a ten inch cake.
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    2018 Morning FBG tests

    Thank you for all the good wishes. I just found out that Mom might be getting a round of physical therapy today to get out of bed and walk a little.
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    2018 Morning FBG tests

    7.8. I'm not sure which woke me , the possum scrambling on the bedroom window screen or the dogs reaction. I had to get out of bed to calm the boy but should not have eaten those chocolates. Mike you certainly had good news with the opening nights success & Gail's mum's improvement.

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