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    Today was not a good day on the Coronavirus news... This guy needs to learn social distancing. No matter how fast I ride, he keeps up!
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    2020 Morning FBG readings

    Hammer, I've been thinking that for 12 years but I didnt want to say it in case it offended you
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    2020 Morning FBG readings

    Hammer it gets really cold here in deepest darkest winter... Some days it gets as low as 14C I dont know how I cope in such conditions
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    2020 Morning FBG readings

    136 today. Putting all leaves back on flower beds - cold snap next 3 days...
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    2020 Morning FBG readings

    6.5 It seems all this cleaning & having a bare freezer & pantry might be good for my BG. Not even the carby vegetable soup has caused a spike. Fingers crossed for you Janice . Its a cruel twist of fate to be getting the flu when 'the virus' is on our doorstep. I had similar a few weeks ago & blamed a friend for bringing her hospitals germs when she visited. Its been a week since I left the house to take the dog to the park......... only 23 weeks to go. We've been told this is to be the new normal for 6 months. That will be Spring here. I was planning on buying another kerosene heater for the back end of the house, but that means I'll have to go out weekly for kerosene. I just dont want to go back to having an open fire as there too much work.
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    Currently in NYC New York City, New York, US Confirmed: 47,439 Deaths: 1,374 Recovered: 0 Active: 46,065


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